Writing Therapy

There are times in everyone’s life where a single emotion runs high, and sometimes writing can be a great outlet for that emotion.  Maybe something great gave your morning a jumpstart and you’re feeling happy or excited.  Maybe that person you had a secret crush on revealed their guy/girlfriend to you, leaving you feeling angry or maybe depressed.  Or perhaps you lost someone or something very important in your life, leaving you sad or lonely.  In times like these, words can flow from your fingers like hot water from Old Faithful.  Your hands fly over the keys, making your computer work overtime to put your words on the screen.  Okay, maybe that last bit was somewhat exaggerated.  Like blood you’ll pump out words straight from your heart, then when you’re finished you’ll save your work and walk away, perhaps considering making a published short story out of it (unless you wrote a poem – then you might put it on your blog).  In any case, you’ll live your life for a day, come back to your new work days after, and either hate your work for reminding you of a past emotional high or bask in its awesomeness.  In most cases, I suppose it would depend on the emotion underlying the work.  In any case, sometimes it helps to just write and get it out of your system.  The principle applies to many things, including writing to your political representatives (makes sense, right?).  So, now that you’ve read this, are you going to sit down and write next time you feel angry,  depressed, or elated?