My Goal for 2014

Simple, Vector Blazer and Tie

Introducing: The Creativity 365 Challenge, 2014 Edition!

My goal for every day of this year is to create or finish something creative.  Be it a sketch, a painting, an illustration, a video, or a website, or be it a poem, a fan fiction, a blog post, or a novel, I will make something new and creative every day this year!  Much if this will end up here for you all to enjoy, alongside any helpful tutorials or whatnot I manage to whip up in my revival!

Consider this vector blazer icon my work for Day 1 of 365 – Jan. 1, 2014!


Created with Adobe Illustrator.


Technically Heroic – Now Available on ALL Platforms!!

Technically Heroic
Technically Heroic

At last, after 6 weeks of waiting, Technically Heroic (paperback) has finally been updated on, completing a critical revision process.  The first book in the Technically Heroic trilogy is now available:

  • Technically Heroic

    Technically Heroic

    as an e-book, for Kindle

  • as an e-book, for Nook
  • as an e-book, for Apple devices (iTunes)
  • as a .epub e-book on
  • as a paperback on
  • and as a paperback on

It feels great to have this part of the trilogy finally finished (and I mean FINISHED) and published.  Now I get to start seriously promoting!

Technically March Madness – 50th Post!

march traffic stats

Six-month monthly traffic report

March.  The month known for basketball brackets and the coming of Spring.  This March has been an amazing month for my blog here, and I want to take a moment here to thank all of the readers who visited my blog this month.  What happened this month that was so cool?  Well:

  • New busiest day milestone, with a high of 50 hits in a day!
  • New busiest week milestone, with a high of 179 hits in a week!
  • New busiest month, with over 500 views in one month!
  • Blog reaches and surpasses 1,000 total views!
  • Blog receives Versatile Blogger Award!
  • Blog reaches 20 total WordPress followers!

Maybe part of the reason I’m so excited about this is because I took a break from blogging in January, and as a result my monthly traffic suffered.  I started to rebuild in February, but traffic that month was still below December levels (December had been my highest month yet).  Then, in early March, I started the Joomla! tutorial series, which has brought me tons of traffic from all over the globe (I mentioned this in this post).  Now let me compare my December and March levels:

  • December Busiest Day: 18 Views
  • March Busiest Day: 50 Views
  • December Busiest Week: 47 Views
  • March Busiest Week: 179 Views (More than the entire month of December)
  • December Total Views: 181 Views
  • March Total Views: More Than 500 Views!!!!

Of course, where you have record traffic you will encounter record comment spam, but that is a small price to pay for fantastic traffic.

  • December Spam: 0
  • March Spam: 671

March has been awesome.  Who would’ve known, 6 months ago when I started, that it would become what it is?  While compared to other blogs these stats are somewhat minuscule, I feel that I’ve achieved something pretty cool in March 2012, and to celebrate I’m running a special promotion of my book!  Check it out before it’s too late!

A Fully Operational So Powered Productions – Tutorials Coming

At last, thanks to Joomla! and a lovely template courtesy of, my website is beginning to reach its potential.  Already there’s much more on here than there was before, and I’m pretty sure it’s only the beginning.  This place really is the place to go for the latest information on Technically Heroic now that I have my trusty CMS at my command.

If you like what I’ve got, I can put CMS at your command as well.  I’m gearing up to do a tutorial series here on Joomla!, so if you would like to learn how to make your website cool like mine, check out my website, to get a sense of how powerful Content Management Systems can be (also, visit to compare and contrast with the old site).  Then watch for my tutorials!  You could even subscribe to the blog so when a new tutorial comes out, you’ll get notified!  Stay tuned.

Discovering A Lost Passion

To me, nothing gets my creativity flowing like Technically Heroic does.

I’ve tried my hand at many things: HTML coding, Photoshop, drawing, LEGO robotics, video production, and more.  I’ve explored so many different ways to express my creativity, but I always come back to writing.

After spending a month working on a music video and learning to use Joomla! on my website, I finally got back to working on my trilogy today.  Because my currently published book has needed some revision that would ultimately lead to seemingly tedious work, I kind of put it on the back burner for a while.  But now, with my music video finished and my website in order, I decided to dive in and work.

technically heroic coverI started by opening iTunes, compiling a playlist of some of my favorite Star Wars music (nothing like ‘Duel of the Fates’ to get you in a writing mood), and opening my document.  Then I began to read.  At first, I thought that I would be bored to tears going through my first story for probably the fifth time, but as I read, making minor formatting changes along the way and listening to my Star Wars music, I began to remember why I love working on my story so very much.  The only part of the whole series that I consider boring started to draw me in closer and closer, awakening memories of the visuals my mind had conjured when I first wrote the words.  Truly a wonderful feeling.

Now, after reading the opening three chapters of Technically Heroic, I feel like going and working on the second in the series ASAP, while at the same time going into Photoshop and creating matte paintings of locations in the story.  I want to channel the creativity I’ve stored in this series into my other means of expression!  My own creation is sucking me back to itself, back to a place I haven’t been in a while – a place I’ve secretly missed.  Knowing that I couldn’t go and write fresh stuff right away, I came here.

I always try to find a moral of the story in my posts, so here’s the one for this post:  Don’t fear going back and reading what you’ve already written and read over many times already.  Boring as it may sound, most likely it will prove otherwise, drawing you in like a new reader (this is especially true if you’ve been away from it a while).  So put on the music that suits your book, open up your document, and start reading.  It just might prove rewarding.

Thanks for reading my little gush 🙂

SPP Site Updated! has now been greatly updated, and now has a full 3 pages and a WIKI devoted to Technically Heroic (note: the wiki is nowhere near completion – we have a lot of work to do on it!). Give the site a thorough looking over, and tell us what you think!