One Way to Overcome Writer’s Block

You’re stuck. ¬†You just can’t figure out what to write next. ¬†Your solution? ¬†Musical review!

The great thing about music is the emotions it can invoke.¬† This is how you can get over your writer’s block and continue writing.¬† While this post focuses on fantasy writing, this is by no means an idea that applies to fantasy only!¬† Try it with any kind of story you’re writing.

Epic fantasy battles may involve anything from magic to robots, and that means there will be a lot of action.¬† For this type of writing, you will want exciting and aggressive movie soundtracks and maybe some video game music (this you may have to find creative ways to capture from your games).¬† Movies like Star Wars (any of them), How¬†To Train Your Dragon, and Indiana Jones (again, any of them) provide excellent¬†battle scores.¬† For REALLY epic battles, you might even want to throw some DragonForce into the mix.¬† That’s right, we’re talking Through The Fire And Flames!¬† Find inspirational battle music, and put it into a playlist (I’ve compiled a sample of what I listen to on my website, here.

Fantasy novels will often have treason and tragedy thrown into the mix.  For this you will want very emotional movie scores, such as Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Start there, and then add variety with tragic or emotional scores of your own choice or discovery.  Put these into a separate playlist than your action music.

By now you’re probably getting the idea:¬† Choose appropriate music (preferably instrumental) to match the various moods of your writing.¬† Segregate the different moods in playlists, then go back to your manuscript.

Go back a few pages and just read what you’ve written.¬† Try and ignore spelling and grammar and just try to visualize the scene while listening to music that matches the mood of the writing.¬† You may have to go farther back than just a few pages, but if you read what you’ve written and visualize it with a score playing in the background, your mind should be able to generate ideas to continue your storyline.¬† Try it, and let me know what you think.¬† Remember, change your playlists as the mood changes, then just keep writing!¬† The music will inspire your characters as well as yourself.