Technically Heroic – Now Available on ALL Platforms!!

Technically Heroic
Technically Heroic

At last, after 6 weeks of waiting, Technically Heroic (paperback) has finally been updated on, completing a critical revision process.  The first book in the Technically Heroic trilogy is now available:

  • Technically Heroic

    Technically Heroic

    as an e-book, for Kindle

  • as an e-book, for Nook
  • as an e-book, for Apple devices (iTunes)
  • as a .epub e-book on
  • as a paperback on
  • and as a paperback on

It feels great to have this part of the trilogy finally finished (and I mean FINISHED) and published.  Now I get to start seriously promoting!

A Fully Operational So Powered Productions – Tutorials Coming

At last, thanks to Joomla! and a lovely template courtesy of, my website is beginning to reach its potential.  Already there’s much more on here than there was before, and I’m pretty sure it’s only the beginning.  This place really is the place to go for the latest information on Technically Heroic now that I have my trusty CMS at my command.

If you like what I’ve got, I can put CMS at your command as well.  I’m gearing up to do a tutorial series here on Joomla!, so if you would like to learn how to make your website cool like mine, check out my website, to get a sense of how powerful Content Management Systems can be (also, visit to compare and contrast with the old site).  Then watch for my tutorials!  You could even subscribe to the blog so when a new tutorial comes out, you’ll get notified!  Stay tuned.

The Benefits of Audiobooks

You’ve probably heard of audiobooks, the sound recordings of books which you can play on your iPod or Sansa (etc.).  But perhaps you’ve been avoiding them, or just not bothering with them at all.  You think, ‘I’d rather read the book,’ or maybe ‘I’d rather read my Kindle.’  So why bother with transferring those long mp3 files to your player?

Personally, I’m a fairly busy person.  I get up early in the morning, ride busses for an hour and a half to get to school, half an hour to get back home, and when I’m not hanging out with friends I’m probably working on my website, playing in Photoshop, or checking my Facebook account.  I don’t make a lot of time for actual book reading.

Then, along came Rick Riordan’s ‘The Son of Neptune’, a book I’d been waiting a year for.  Upon its release, I decided to seriously cut the time spent on my library’s waiting list by downloading the audiobook from their electronic lending library (note: if your library has a system like mine, where you can check out electronic items for a week or two, do make use of it!).  I put the files on my Sansa Fuze and listened to them on the bus, while surfing the web, and in bed before deciding to go to sleep.  By listening to that audiobook, I discovered that audiobooks:

  • Allow you to ‘read’ in the dark
  • Allow you to ‘read’ where fiction books might not be welcome
  • Save space in your home or backpack (after all, what’s a few MB of space on your player nowadays?)
  • Allow you to multi-task (i.e., ‘read’ while washing dishes, or while surfing the internet)
  • Save you the trouble of figuring out how to pronounce Greek names (okay, a little specific here, but you get the point)

So far, my experience with audiobooks has been good, and I certainly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t yet discovered their benefits.  How have your experiences been?

What does it take to get published?

Whether you’ve just finished writing, or have had your manuscript lying around for years, it is now easier than ever to publish your writing for the world to read.  And the best part?  You can do it on almost no budget at all!

Ebooks Everywhere

In today’s society, the Ebook is becoming increasingly popular.  Ebook reading devices such as the Kindle and the Nook are becoming more and more advanced, introducing capabilities similar to Apple’s iPad, which also reads Ebooks.  However, one does not need a special device to read an Ebook.  Free downloads and plug-ins allow users on virtually any computer to read and enjoy Ebooks.  All of this means that by simply publishing your writing as an Ebook, you can reach millions of readers all over the world.  This is where online publishers like come in. as an Ebook Publisher

While is not the only online publisher out there, it’s the one I’ve personally used and had good results with.  Here’s how it works:

  • You create a FREE online account at
  • You start a new project for your writing, following the given directions to create your Ebook and submit it for distribution
  • You wait for iBookstore and approval

You are published now for Apple devices, Nooks, and on for pretty much everything else.  The only thing missing now is…

Kindle Publishing

Getting published for the Kindle is just as easy as  You go to and create an account.  Then you upload your document and cover art, set your distribution options and price, then submit and wait.  The process is quite simple, and it doesn’t take very long at all to get your book published for Kindle. for physical publishing

Okay, people all over the world can read your books on their electronic devices.  But what if someone wants a hard copy?  There are still people out there who would rather hold a physical book in their hand and read it, and since you want to reach as many people as possible, your next move would be to get your book published as a hard copy.  This used to be a lot more difficult and costly, but with sites like, you can do it for practically nothing.  The steps are pretty much the same as Ebook publishing.  You upload your document, create a cover using Lulu’s cover creation wizard, set your price and distribution, and you’re published!  Now, if you want your book available on as a hard copy as well as for Kindle, Lulu will handle this for you for FREE.  You must, however, order a proof copy of your book before submitting it for distribution.  This should only cost you for shipping, as will send you a discount code which will cover the production costs of your book.  This kind of publishing is called Print-On-Demand, where your book is only printed whenever someone orders it, and I believe it is the most cost-efficient way to published in the physical world.

Published for practically nothing

My experience with has been a good one.  I spent no more than $4.00 to get my book published on Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPhones, PCs and Macs, and as hard copies (you can see my results at my website).  With a combination of digital and Print-On-Demand publishing, you can get your book out in the world on any kind of budget.  I hope that by sharing my experience that you will take the initiative on publishing your works.  Try it out, and tell me what you think!  If you have any questions or anything to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.  I look forward to hearing your story!