The Benefits of Audiobooks

You’ve probably heard of audiobooks, the sound recordings of books which you can play on your iPod or Sansa (etc.).  But perhaps you’ve been avoiding them, or just not bothering with them at all.  You think, ‘I’d rather read the book,’ or maybe ‘I’d rather read my Kindle.’  So why bother with transferring those long mp3 files to your player?

Personally, I’m a fairly busy person.  I get up early in the morning, ride busses for an hour and a half to get to school, half an hour to get back home, and when I’m not hanging out with friends I’m probably working on my website, playing in Photoshop, or checking my Facebook account.  I don’t make a lot of time for actual book reading.

Then, along came Rick Riordan’s ‘The Son of Neptune’, a book I’d been waiting a year for.  Upon its release, I decided to seriously cut the time spent on my library’s waiting list by downloading the audiobook from their electronic lending library (note: if your library has a system like mine, where you can check out electronic items for a week or two, do make use of it!).  I put the files on my Sansa Fuze and listened to them on the bus, while surfing the web, and in bed before deciding to go to sleep.  By listening to that audiobook, I discovered that audiobooks:

  • Allow you to ‘read’ in the dark
  • Allow you to ‘read’ where fiction books might not be welcome
  • Save space in your home or backpack (after all, what’s a few MB of space on your player nowadays?)
  • Allow you to multi-task (i.e., ‘read’ while washing dishes, or while surfing the internet)
  • Save you the trouble of figuring out how to pronounce Greek names (okay, a little specific here, but you get the point)

So far, my experience with audiobooks has been good, and I certainly recommend them to anyone who hasn’t yet discovered their benefits.  How have your experiences been?