Over Black Friday I bought myself Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium, and I now own the newest Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition, and After Effects, among other minor applications.  The last three applications are entirely new to me, leaving me with a lot of power to unlock.  Just having After Effects is intimidating, yet exciting at the same time.  I know that I have the software to create great things, but when it comes to ideas and a crew to work with, I’m falling flat on my face.  Currently, I pretty much run a one-man show.  I do everything myself, which can be a pain in the rear when it comes to dreaming up fantastic video content.  I have so much to figure out that I’m stuck just deciding where to begin.  Thankfully, I don’t have to learn alone:  My vocational school is getting the same software, so what I can’t figure out a home I can get help with in class.  As much as I’d like to jump in and just do stuff, my perfectionism is telling me that if I try something big now, as After Effects will allow, I will fail horribly since I know nothing about the program.  Darn perfectionism.