Hi!  I am E.W. Soper, author of the adventure-fantasy series Technically Heroic (yes, the blog shares the name of my book).  My hobbies include Adobe Photoshop, web design, drawing, and, of course, fantasy adventure writing.  This WAS simply my personal blog, but for now I’ve made it my website’s blog as well!  Please check out my website, www.sopoweredproductions.com!

Publishing my book series and my website has been an interesting challenge, and that is one of the prominent features you’ll find on this blog.  I will share my experiences, and I hope that my research and experience can help others like me, who want to publish their works and websites on a fairly low budget.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this blog and on SoPoweredProductions.com are revenue-generating affiliate links.


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  1. Hi E.W.!

    I’ve been following your blog a week or two now, and I love it! Very different from most authors’ blogs, and lots of great techie stuff 🙂

    As such, I wanted to nominate your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! It’s an award made by bloggers for bloggers as a way to recognize all the outstanding blogs out there. Here’s a link to give you more info about the award:


    Have an awesome day!


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