On Google and Record Traffic

traffic spike

The traffic spike in consideration

How does one attract traffic to one’s blog?  While writing my recent Joomla! 2.5 tutorial, I noticed that my traffic was dramatically climbing.  It started on the weekend, and Sunday through Tuesday were all record-breaking days (new busiest day each day)!  Not only that, but a Google search for ‘joomla 2.5 on mamp’ listed a link to this blog 2nd and 3rd down from the top!  So, what would bring readers to this (sort of) small blog?

There are all kinds of businesses out there offering ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimization) services, where you pay to get better traffic ‘naturally’, but I achieved natural high rankings without even trying!  And I did this by subconsciously following almost all of the SEO tips on the web – high keyword count and correct tagging.

If you’ll look at my most popular post, you’ll notice that the word ‘MAMP’ shows up very, very frequently in the post.  Notice that I’m not jamming ‘MAMP’ into every sentence without meaning – it’s a tutorial, so I naturally used MAMP a ton.  Makes sense, right?  It was this (plus the inclusion of the other keywords ‘Joomla 2.5’) that thrust my site high in Google rank.  I’d imagine it’s also a combination of search engine optimized content, plus the fact that it could be considered a niche topic (installing a certain CMS on a certain local computer OS using a certain server simulation software is quite specific) which means there isn’t a million other tutorials (like there would be if you searched ‘Photoshop tutorial’).

So to wrap things up, if you want more traffic on your blog or website, write highly relevant, keyword-packed content to a niche audience, and make sure you use correct meta-tagging and image alternative text.  These aren’t my own ideas people!  You’ll find them all over the internet – I’m just showing you an example of how it worked WITHOUT ANY SPECIAL EFFORT ON MY PART.  All I did was write a few tutorials on something I knew.  If I can do it, so can you.  Got questions?  Drop me a comment, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic!


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