Discovering A Lost Passion

To me, nothing gets my creativity flowing like Technically Heroic does.

I’ve tried my hand at many things: HTML coding, Photoshop, drawing, LEGO robotics, video production, and more.  I’ve explored so many different ways to express my creativity, but I always come back to writing.

After spending a month working on a music video and learning to use Joomla! on my website, I finally got back to working on my trilogy today.  Because my currently published book has needed some revision that would ultimately lead to seemingly tedious work, I kind of put it on the back burner for a while.  But now, with my music video finished and my website in order, I decided to dive in and work.

technically heroic coverI started by opening iTunes, compiling a playlist of some of my favorite Star Wars music (nothing like ‘Duel of the Fates’ to get you in a writing mood), and opening my document.  Then I began to read.  At first, I thought that I would be bored to tears going through my first story for probably the fifth time, but as I read, making minor formatting changes along the way and listening to my Star Wars music, I began to remember why I love working on my story so very much.  The only part of the whole series that I consider boring started to draw me in closer and closer, awakening memories of the visuals my mind had conjured when I first wrote the words.  Truly a wonderful feeling.

Now, after reading the opening three chapters of Technically Heroic, I feel like going and working on the second in the series ASAP, while at the same time going into Photoshop and creating matte paintings of locations in the story.  I want to channel the creativity I’ve stored in this series into my other means of expression!  My own creation is sucking me back to itself, back to a place I haven’t been in a while – a place I’ve secretly missed.  Knowing that I couldn’t go and write fresh stuff right away, I came here.

I always try to find a moral of the story in my posts, so here’s the one for this post:  Don’t fear going back and reading what you’ve already written and read over many times already.  Boring as it may sound, most likely it will prove otherwise, drawing you in like a new reader (this is especially true if you’ve been away from it a while).  So put on the music that suits your book, open up your document, and start reading.  It just might prove rewarding.

Thanks for reading my little gush 🙂


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