AdSense – Yet Another Google Tool

I think I’ll skip the end-of-year look back and jump right into things here.  Today’s topic: Google AdSense.

Most of you have probably heard of AdSense, the polar opposite of Google AdWords.  In brief, AdSense allows you to put textual ads or image ads on your website by simply adding a few lines of code.  Google then feeds your website ads from advertisers who compete in AdWords fashion for publication.  People click their ads, and you get paid.  All you’ve got to do is put the code where you want it – and wait for Google’s approval of your site.  That’s the catch.

A simple web search will turn up all kinds of people complaining that Google took forever to approve their accounts.  Google says:

Once you’ve submitted your AdSense application and verified your email address, it typically takes 2-3 days for our specialists to complete the review. However, depending on the volume of applications we receive, it may take a week or longer. 

It’s been three weeks since I signed up, and they still haven’t approved me.  I’m not sure what the delay is, and I’ll have to look into it, but it seems strange that Google’s taking so long to work with me.  What I’m wondering now, if any of you or someone you know have used AdSense, is what your/their experience has been with AdSense’s approval system.  If you’ve got something you can share, please do!  Comments, as usual, are welcome.  My experience with Google AdSense is far from over, and I’ll be back on the subject when more develops.


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