The Merge – How To Combine Blogs

Not that it’s very important, but I have just combined two of my blogs into one.  The blog at my website,, was mainly used as a place to put news updates having to do with the site and my books.  Using WordPress’ import functions, I’ve successfully transferred posts from my website’s blog (which was a blog) to this blog.  The posts were placed in chronological order with the existing posts here.  Hopefully my subscribers weren’t bombarded with ‘new post’ messages (if so, sorry guys!).

The process really couldn’t have been easier.  If you’re moving WordPress to WordPress, simply use the Export function to download an export file to your computer from the blog you’re transferring from.  This will contain posts, comments, and pages.

Next, go to the blog you are moving content to and use the Import function.  It’s really that easy!  You’ll receive a confirmation email from WordPress when the import is finished.

Now, just so you know, WordPress can also import content from blogs on other sites (i.e., Blogger).  If you have friends with Blogger blogs, you might even use this fact to entice them over to WordPress, right? 😉

If you REALLY want to see working results, go ahead and scroll down my blog and go back to the oldest posts.  You’ll find posts from the old blog to prove that this actually works.  But again, it’s not really that important.  Hopefully this information comes in handy sometime!


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  2. HI. I’m looking at doing this for a couple of my blogs. I have a couple questions/thoughts:

    1. Partial merge. There are only certain categories/posts that I want to remove from an “old” blog. Is there a way to only export certain categories?

    2. SEO: How to make sure that there are no negative impacts in search engines from the merge (duplicate content, “page not found”, etc.)

    Any input would be appreciated!

    • Well, I haven’t very much experience here, but I think that when you export you are downloading a copy of your content to your local machine. This article outlines the process for only downloading specific content. Uploading on the new blog will simply add whatever you’ve exported from the old blog to the new blog, and you’ll probably have to manually delete the content on your old blog if you’re concerned about duplicate content. Hope this helps!

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