The Proof Copy Arrives!

As expected, it wasn’t long after my previous post before the first paperback copy of ‘Technically Heroic’ arrived.  In fact, it came in the mail that very day.  I will say, the cover I designed for it looks stunning in print.  I am very pleased with the entire thing, and it is great to have a real published copy in my hands.  Now I get to promote it…

Want a copy yourself?  Get it here!


Some Results from ‘Technically Heroic’ Promotion Week

No, I did not spend a week promoting this blog!  I’m talking about my book, ‘Technically Heroic.’  Last week I launched my first Google Adwords campaign, launching 3 textual ads and 2 graphic banners, all promoting my book and linking back to  I’ll tell you now that watching your site hit over 50 hits in one day for the first time is a fantastic experience.

On the right, you’ll see a screenshot from my Google Analytics results map.  The average dot represents one visit to in general.  As you can see, while most of my visits came from the area of Washington State,  I received visits from all over the U.S. and some from Canada.  This part was especially fascinating to watch develop.  Thanks to my Adwords campaign, people from all over the U.S. visited my site.

From my Adwords campaign, I learned that the two graphic banner ads I was running had better click-through rates than the three textual ads.  Now whether or not that was because the graphic ads were running for only half the week, due to the approval process, I’m not sure, but the discovery has prompted me to create more graphic ads, and in different sizes and shapes (these I will soon use in a second focused ad campaign).

In conclusion, the Google Adwords campaign accomplished its goal, in that it drew people’s eyes to my site.  I ran an experiment and obtained results to play with.

Oh yes, and did I mention I didn’t pay a thing for the campaign?  $100 free credit, courtesy of Google.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Welcome to my Adventure!

Perhaps I should begin by telling you a little about myself.  My name, to most of the world, is E.W. Soper.  I am the teenage author of the ‘Technically Heroic’ adventure-fantasy series, which I published in September, 2011.  I also run my own website,  Why am I blogging here as well as on my website’s blog?  Because I think I need a place to talk more generally about my experiences, a place outside the website.  So here I am!  I hope you keep checking back as I continue to post on my new blog!

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